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Reading with a chance of tacos

Dec 15, 2022

Author Rory H Mather drops in for a festive eggnog or two, and shares his favourite Christmas Picture Books both new and old.

Over 15 Christmas Picture books reveiwed, and ideal for underneath the Christmas Tree this year.



Dec 13, 2022

Middle grade author, Julie Grasso has popped in today to discuss the craft of pitching your story.

How to pitch to a publisher?

What makes a good pitch? 

Why is a pitch so important?

Plus, Hayley in the Library is back to wind up the school library year with what the kids are reading. 

Dec 9, 2022

Invaluable for anyone, author or illustrator, who wants to create kids books.

Award-winning illustrator, Evie Barrow shares her process of illustrating picture books. From being handed a manuscript, to finding the theme, capturing the emotion, deciding what to illustrate, and creating her own story process.

  • Reading the...

Dec 7, 2022

Today’s guest is a picture book author, with three books out in the world under her own publishing brand KLJ Publishing.

She’s popped in today to talk about her inspiration for the books, and how she did the leg work to get them into print and then into bookstores.

Everyone please welcome, Kelly Jarris.

Dec 3, 2022

Today's guest talks to thousands of people around the world on the topic of writing books for kids, so we know what she has to say is always such awesome advice.

She is the author of the best-selling Alice-Miranda series, Kenzy and Max series, the Clementine Rose series, and now the amazing Willa and Woof series of...