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Reading with a chance of tacos

Mar 31, 2023

Michelle Wilson was, until recently, a frustrated author, who’d achieved success early in her writing career with a terrific picture book, but then couldn’t get that next contract. Until she learned a few golden rules of being a children’s author.

I thought this could help those aspiring authors that have been at it for a while and are not having any luck, or who might have one or two pieces published but having trouble getting something new out there. 

Being a children’s author is a journey. It takes time to find your process, your voice, and who you are as a writer, even if you have a few things published already.  

Today’s guest turned things around for herself by persevering and continuing to learn her craft. And, you can too.

Plus, Liv reviews a heart-warming picture book. And, if you'd like to unlock bonus episodes, click here.