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Reading with a chance of tacos

Mar 11, 2021

Being an author is something many aspire to become, but along the way, many authors, both aspiring and established, often wonder if they really have what it takes.

Author, Dhana Fox, didn’t come from a traditional writing background, as she puts it, and didn’t have any qualifications to suggest she has what it takes to be a published writer.

That said, Dhana is an author of three picture books currently, and more to come. She has a wonderful writing style and a sense of humour that shines through her stories. Yet, Dhana tells us that she will always feel like a phoney, and any minute now, someone is going to tap her on the shoulder and tell her the jig is up.

Ladies and gentlemen let’s give her a huge round of applause to welcome Dhana Fox. Woo-hooo!