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Reading with a chance of tacos

May 31, 2022

find what works for you – with Trent Roberts

Whether you have a thin skin, are nervous to show your work, don’t have enough time, or have anything at all stopping you from making it as a published creator, you need to start committing to something that drives you forward.

Today’s guest left a flourishing career to start at the very bottom of the writers’ barrel - making tea and coffees for other writers and creators. From there, he worked hard, studied those around him, pestered, learned the ropes, pushed through rejection, and became a script writer for short films and TV; writing on such fun shows as Upper Middle Bogan and Little Lunch. 

Today, he's popped in for a taco and to share his amazing journey – the ups, the downs and the lessons he’s learned and all about his awesome junior novel. Everyone please put your hands together for Trent Roberts.