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Reading with a chance of tacos

Nov 28, 2023

What to expect when writing, illustrating, and self-publishing a picture book


On today’s show we chat to an author/illustrator with a real passion for nature and adventure. And, Liv reviews two awesome new picture books. All that and more, it’s gunna be huge!


Sam Spry is an author/illustrator with a real thirst for adventure. She loves nature and has travelled the world to some of the most beautiful and remote places, where she’s worked and lived amongst the people that live there. It’s through these adventures, her travels, and a life well lived, that she has captured a story full of colour and passion for nature that she hopes will resonate with kids.


And, she’s popped in today to share her journey with us. How she went about creating and then self-publishing her story and what she’s learned about the process that she can share with us.